The Eye of Beauty by Frederic Antonious (Abbahji)

The Eye of Beauty

If there is a purpose to living, one may assume it is to become a fulfilled or realised human being which is the expression of a natural state of happiness and contentment. Everybody has such a state of beauty as the deepest state of being and yet very few people are aware of this. They are most of the time wrapped up in an attitude that veils this deeper state of being. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with that veiled state, because living is all about overcoming this state in realisation.

When you are able to live your life according to its true nature, you will realise this natural state of happiness and contentment. You may even gradually become aware of states of an entirely different nature, transcendental states that lie beyond ordinary everyday perception. Such states are often indicated by words like ‘enlightenment’, ‘liberation’, ‘moksha’, ‘satori’ or ‘realisation’. This state dawns when the Eye of Beauty has opened.

97 pages
First published: 2001
Third edition 2013
ISBN: 90-76288-50-5

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