Oh Abbah Songs for Lovers

Oh Abbah – Songs for Lovers

‘Oh Abbah’ is a book of inspiration, which was written in a very specific state of mind. For this reason it has the ability to open you for levels of your mystical being that cannot be reached through ordinary effort. These levels can only be gradually opened by way of attuning.

Although poetical in its nature, the optimal way to make use of ‘Oh Abbah’ is by way of recitation. This way the songs cause slight shifts in the ego-identification, which is often rigid and harnessed in opinions and beliefs. Although a degree of ego-identification is necessary for living, the problem emerges when this identification is too strong and does not allow shifts. Shifts in ego-identification open different fields in experience.

People who are familiar with the psalms that also serve as tools for recitation, and those who know the Bhagavat-Gita will find traces of both in the Songs for Lovers. The Songs for Lovers reflect a worldview that is universal and not culturally determined. This worldview is both very ancient and very modern. It is a worldview in which mysticism and science meet in the conclusion that All is One. In All is One the ‘I’ identification and the world of phenomena melt into oneness.

Pages: 274
First published: 1997
Seventh edition
|SBN: 978-90-76288-43-7

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