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Ishmael – a novel

Educated, well-travelled and confident about his place in the world, Ishmael finds himself drawn into a town that seems to exist on the edge of everything he’s ever known. Confronted with completely new perspectives on life and the world around him; over tea and in silence, it seems, he may have found exactly what he never knew he was looking for.

Full of pithy dialogue and set in places that exist just as profoundly in fantasy as they do in reality, here is one of those books that will capture your attention, just when you need it. Whether taking in the complete narrative, or simply finding meaning in a randomly opened page, in Ishmael you will discover torches being lit, and the illumination of a path that leads to what you’ve always known, but never knew that you knew. Here, in Ishmael, is no less than an exceptional illustration of what other ways we can each redefine our place in the world(s) around us.

265 pages
First published: 2012
First edition
ISBN: 978-90-76288-29-1

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