Abbah by Frederic Antonious (Abbahji)


In the Quest
For the Truth of Love
The Quest and Truth vanish
And only Love remains

Because of the transcendental nature of all living, we, as the human niche of life, have a psychological need for an ultimate or a divine that can provide meaning to our lives. Throughout human evolution people have created themselves gods, as reflections of an ideal state, whether of nature or of themselves. The divine is always that to which we can reflect in an ultimate sense. At this stage of the human evolution we are not the same beings as we were 2000 years ago, we are able to think in a different way, not in the least; we are able to think virtually. This requires that an ultimate, that is able to provide meaning to our lives, needs to be in accordance with this development.

In this book Frédéric Antonious suggests the ultimate as Abbah, a basic sound, an ultimate mantra, that is left undefined, which is neither a name nor a representation. Because we pronounce it, it is nevertheless truly intimate and as close to us as our breath, while at the same time it encompasses everything that we consider as experience both consciously and unconsciously, in an unknowable one-ness of all.

Aiming at an ultimate meaning of life, is not only a challenging idea, it is also a profound way for restoring a well-being and ultimate contentment that for many have become lost in the exclusive materialistic orientation of the present society. Because it is a sound that is fundamentally biological and that is left undefined in any rational or conceptual manner, Abbah is fully open and universal. Its use responds to the psychological needs of people who live in a globalised culture, that is necessarily pluralistic in nature.

116 pages
First published: 2010
Second edition 2012
ISBN: 978-90-76288-28-4

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