101 mystical poems by Fréderic Antonious Abbahjí

101 Mystical Poems

Each of the poems collected in 101 mystical poems illustrates one or more aspects of the process of realisation, which is referred to as a ‘Way of Beauty’. As this process is one of unfolding and opening towards one’s full potential it is experienced differently by every ‘traveller’; certain principles however underlie each way: Only the transformation of day to day life attitudes into friendliness and compassion can bring us to the goal of bliss and harmony; “feet and hands are the tools that express realization in everyday life”.

The poems of this collection can serve as potent tools for moments of reflection; when read contemplatively and in a state of openness they can provide you with profound inspiration and may be a great support on your way.

180 pages
First published: 2003
Second edition 2013
ISBN: 978-90-76288-53-6
Price: € 18,00