Affiliated Sites

On the following websites different ways of exploring Trancendental Humanism and the work of Abbahjí, who publishes books under the name of Frédéric Antonious.


Frédéric Antonious is the writer’s name of modern mystic Abbahjí. Read more about this man who inspires many people with his words, work and presence.


The Yoga of Nâm

Shu’em Press is part of the Nâm Foundation. We actively promote and support Living the Yoga of Nâm as a means to experience Well-Being and transcend day to day life into a spiritual practice.


Monk Music Productions

What you experience in living resonates to the whole. Sound is an instrument to create a resonance to Well-Being.


Retreat House Asharum Amonines

Asharum Amonines

A house for retreat and meditation situated in the Belgian Ardennes. Open for everyone looking for Well-Being.


Foundation Phronimos

Cultural Heritage as well as Publications and Projects Transcendental Humanism.