Shu’em Press publishes books written by Yoginâm – former writer’s name Frédéric Antonious – a contemporary mystic and spiritual guide. As an answer to a world in need of a new global ethics and harmony he presents ‘Nâm Yoga as a way of Transcendental Humanism’. This is an open invitation for everybody to reorient oneself towards a state of Well-Being both for the individual and for global society. It entails a quality of life that is rooted in the very nature of being human.

Nâm Yoga engenders from the realization that we have a transcendental nature. We are primarily spiritual beings with a material expression. In our spiritual nature we share in a Oneness of all. In the material state there is a diversity of expressions. The realisation of our nature of Oneness can only lead to greater tolerance of these differences and to a deeper understanding of life. It is a promise both for the individual and for a globalising society that is searching its bearings in the fast changing world.

Inspired by his Sufi master, by Buddhism and other mystic traditions, Yoginâm created Nâm Yoga because it is particularly suited for people who live in the westernised urbanised society of the 21st century. The books of Yoginâm give extensive information about this way of living. Reading them is a spiritual adventure in itself, a journey of letting go, a discovery of the true nature of you and of your relationship with the world.